Rapid Assault Tactics.

Train to be a Rapid Assault Tactics Instructor in the UK

Rapid Assault Tactics Instructor Training.

Trapping to the clinch

Welcome to Rapid Assault Tactics UK Instructor Training.

In one weekend our Rapid Assault Tactics course, will give you all the information you need to become an certified Martial Arts instructor.
The RAT System works well with other martial arts systems. This is due to the fact the Rapid Assault Tactics picks up where other martial arts stop. Allowing you to respond to any self-defence situation in a effective, Barbaric and streamlined manner.
The Rapid Assault Tactics were  designed & built for the US Special Forces, Including the Navy Seals. Ensuring you are getting Paul Vunak’s Military technology to defend yourself and loved ones.

Rapid Assault Tactics training courses

Rapid Assault Tactics Instructor training, based in Hull, East Yorkshire. Our instructor training courses run on weekends. These can reserved at times convenient to you. The Rapid Assault Tactics weekend, will give you all the skills and knowledge needed.
You will be show the drills and skills on how to teach the RAT too.
Training will be at Interception Martial Arts Hull training facility. The academy is matted and equipped for all the training needs.
Rapid Assault Tactics elbowing from the clinch in the RAT
Rapid Assault Tactics Kali arm drag.

What is involved in each RAT Weekend?

Training in the RAT will take place over a weekend, of your choice. With four hours of training each day, with a break halfway through. Each session, broken down into the four main modules of the Rapid Assault Tactics, they are –
  • Interception
  • Destruction
  • Pressure
  • Termination
There is also training involving weapons, grappling and a mass attack.

What happens as a Rapid Assault Tactics Instructor.

After completing the phase one RAT certification, you can take your own training. This may mean starting a brand new class for the first time.
I will of course tell you as best I can on what path to follow. Helping with insurance and the like.
Many instructors use it as a secondary class and earn extra revenue for their existing dojo. Launching with a weekend seminar.This could also start with an equipment sale.
Rapid Assault Tactics clinch fighting
Rapid Assault Tactics arm wrench

Why Rapid Assault Tactics UK?

Personal attention? Or not having to travel  1000’s of miles?. Choosing to train your phase one RAT certification with us many benefits. You are able to contact me anytime to answer any question you may have, before or after certification.

You will be able to return for extra training to help cement your new skills and also get help with how to run a RAT class, or to put it better …….to learn from our mistakes!

Rapid Assault Tactics FAQ’s

I know you will have many questions about what a phase one certification will allow you to do, as far as furthering your RAT classes/training.

While it will be hard to come up with a question I have not heard here are some common ones.

How do I book a weekend?

Simple! After contacting me and we have had a good chat to talk about what you need from the RAT training and your current level of Martial Arts. We will book a weekend that suits you and talk about any travel/accommodation plans.

Can I start training instructors myself?

To be blunt…No. Phase one Rapid Assault Tactics certification only allows you to train people in the RAT not pass then as instructors. Once you have passed phase one you will be invited to the yearly ITG CCI RAT residential week. When you have done this you will be able to train instructors.

What are the costs?

Price is available on application and is a fantastic value. To confirm your booking you will be required to pay a 50%  non-refundable deposit.

Rapid Assault Tactics kick defence

How to get in contact Rapid Assault Tactics Instructor Training UK.

Simply use the contact for below and ensure you leave a detailed message with any questions and I will get back to you ASAP. 

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